We're taking kids to an amazing new place.It's called outside.

Time spent outside with nature goes a long way toward creating a happy, healthy childhood. So we're giving kids a place they can call their own. Literally.

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This land is your land. So get a deed.

Our goal is to provide a deed to a piece of our park to every elementary, middle school and high school student in Indiana.

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Indigo Bunting

Nature Feature: Indigo Bunting

The indigo bunting is a small migratory bird found in much of the United States during the summer and move south to Central America in the winter. They migrate during the night and use the stars to guide their path. When it is not migrating time, indigo buntings are solitary birds.
They tend to be found on the edge of forests in the brush, open forests, and even farm fields. They communicate through chirps and both males and females will use a sharp “chirp” as an alarm if their nests or chicks are being threatened. While perched, the birds will often swish their tails from side to side, so watch for movement in the trees!
Males are bright blue in the summer and brown during the winter while females are brown year-round.  Their bodies are stocky with short, thick bills shaped like cones. Their tails are short and rounded.

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Summer Nature Photos

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Wesselman Woods

Wesselman Woods is located in Evansville next to the largest old growth forest in Indiana. The forest is 200 acres and is one of only three old growth forests never to have been cute. Visitors can explore the preserve on nearly 6 miles of trails. The Nature Center houses a 1,000 square foot interpretive hall with exhibits and live animals that tell the story of an old growth forest. 

In May, Wesselman Woods celebrated the grand opening of their Wellborn Baptist Foundation Nature Playscape! After 4 years of work, the largest Nature Playscape in the county is open and ready for action! The Playscape is designed to engage children in and with nature and to inspire them to love nature through outdoor unstructured play. 

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