We're taking kids to an amazing new place.It's called outside.

Time spent outside with nature goes a long way toward creating a happy, healthy childhood. So we're giving kids a place they can call their own. Literally.

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This land is your land. So get a deed.

Our goal is to provide a deed to a piece of our park to every elementary, middle school and high school student in Indiana.

Get the deeds

Nature Feature: Coyote

Coyotes are adaptable and can live easily in human-modified areas and can be found in rural or urban areas. Weighing anywhere from 15 to 44 pounds, their size varies where they live as does the color and texture of their fur.  Only related coyotes usually stay together as a family (parents and babies). These families are formed midwinter and pairs of coyotes will bond together for two to three months before breeding. Coyotes are strictly monogamous. Learn about other plants and animals at The Children of Indiana Nature Park on the MY LAND page by visiting the Animals on My Land tab.

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Outdoor Fun Activity: Photo Contest

Have you ever looked at the world from the soil level? There is A LOT going on down there! What (or who!) do you see? Use your camera and take a photo of what you observe about the soil and the natural world from the ground level. Visit the Outdoor Fun page for more information!

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Nature Center Feature: Zion Nature Center

Encouraging Zionsville and central Indiana families to participate in nature, the Zion Nature Center features exhibits that focus on local Indiana wildlife and habitats with turtles, snakes, and amphibians to view.
The park features many family programs which are enjoyable for not only children, but adults as well. They also encourage Citizen Scientist projects, have gardens, and rain barrel workshops.
In the spring, the nature center will take groups on invasive plant species pulls to help native plants flourish again.
Some good news for wildlife: The Zionsville mayor has taken the Monarch Mayor Pledge. This pledge means the town is committing to restoring habitat for Monarch Butterflies in the community and encourages everyone to help. 
The Zion Nature Center is planning to move and open its new facility next spring in Heritage Trails Nature Park as part of the Rail Trail. Visit Zion Nature Center.

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