Summer Fun Activities


Looking for some ways to unplug and spend time outside this summer? Here are some ideas for outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Plant a garden! Now that it’s warm, it’s the perfect time to get your hands a little dirty and plant some native species! Plant vegetables or see what kind of pollinators you can attract with different flowers.

Have a picnic. Pack up a lunch and head to your local nature park or a nearby green space.

Go on a treasure hunt. Visit this informational packet for a printable “nature treasure hunt” list.

Make a bird feeder
. Have old toilet paper roles? Paste on peanut butter, top with bird seed, then hang your new bird feeder outside near a window!

Take pictures of nature.
Go outside and observe your surroundings. Does anything stand out to you or catch your eye?

Watch the clouds. What shapes do you see? Do any of them look like your favorite animal? Create a story about the clouds and their shapes!

Watch the wind! Use a kite or a pinwheel to watch the wind patterns. Notice what direction it’s blowing and when it dies down.

Engage your senses
. What do you hear? What do you smell? What can you touch?

Build an outdoor fort.
Make a backyard fort and grab a book - or two - to read! Check out this list of books that have inspired conservation leaders for ideas.


If you try any of these activities, take a picture and then share it with us on Facebook @ChildrenofIndianaNaturePark. Tell us how your family enjoyed the activities.