Connecting Peace and Nature


Spanning across a few days in the hot summer, staff from The Nature Conservancy's Children of Indiana Nature Park program had the opportunity to interact with the kids at Peace Learning Center’s summer camp, which takes place in Eagle Creek Park.

“We teach environmental stewardship and go on hikes in Eagle Creek Park to allow youth to explore the outdoors and decide what they want to do to spread peace into nature” states Francesca Keesee, Field Trip Coordinator and Spanish Specialist at Peace Learning Center. The Children of Indiana Nature Park team had the pleasure to witness that exploration and to share new and exciting activities during Peace Learning Center’s summer camp program.
“The Children of Indiana Nature Park deepens the relationship between humans and the planet in such a unique and tangible way!” says Francesca. Using our Pollinator Puzzles, a nature scavenger hunt found here, and giving each camper a Nature IN-Deed, the Children of Indiana Nature Park team encouraged the youth of the summer program to open their eyes and dive into nature, hoping they would learn something about caring for nature to take home to their families and their community.
“Peace looks different to everyone, but we all must learn to find peace within ourselves, to make peace with others, and spread peace around a whole community, and the whole Earth.”