Connecting with Nature as a Family

Photo ©Stacy Martin

When you are curious about something, you might turn to the internet for answers. That’s just what Stacy and her family did from their home in Fayette County when they were curious about butterflies. In their search, they happened upon the Children of Indiana Nature Park’s website, where they found resources about plants and animals, including the pollinator curriculum. The pollinator curriculum sparked a new idea for their family.

“Connecting with nature is a huge part of our family time, we spend a lot of time at nature reserves and vacation to a lot of national parks,” said Stacy. But the family knew you didn’t need to travel far to explore and connect with our natural world. Nature right in our own backyards.

“Watching them became a cool little project that sparked a huge interest in different wildlife habitats,” said Stacy about her family’s study and observation of butterflies. The family also decided to raise monarch butterflies which brought the wonders of nature into their home.

“Nature means a ton to my family, we have a [fish] pond that made its own ecosystem, it brought frogs and turtles and my kids love catching the frogs and building them little frog houses,” she said.

Thank you to Stacy and her family for being such enthusiastic backyard nature explorers. You are an inspiration!

And if your family is ready to leave your backyard and explore our state’s great natural areas, the Children of Indiana Nature Park can help with that too.  Find nature near you!