Fall Fun Activities


Looking for some ways stay connected to nature this fall? Here are some ideas for outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Go on a hike! Admire the change in colors and take notice of the leaves on the ground.

Carve a pumpkin. Carve a pumpkin into your favorite Indiana animal or flower!

Go to a cider mill! Grab some donuts and a hot apple cider before you get lost in a corn maze!

 Go apple picking! There are plenty of orchards across Indiana, find one near you!

Take pictures of nature.
Go outside and observe your surroundings. Does anything stand out to you or catch your eye?

Engage your senses - fall edition. Autumn always smells distinctly different than the other seasons, go for a walk and notice what you smell.

Go camping! Fall is the perfect time to camp, not too hot, not too cold, and the air is so crisp!

Read your favorite book. Find a cozy spot outside, perhaps under a tree!

Explore your favorite nature center! Don’t forget about our list of nature center partners to see what’s going on in your neck of the woods!

Make a leaf collage. Collect fallen leaves while on a walk and glue them into a book. For a challenge, try to identify the tree each leaf came from! For an extra challenge, make up a story for each fallen leaf.

If you try any of these activities, take a picture and then share it with us on Facebook @ChildrenofIndianaNaturePark. Tell us how your family enjoyed the activities.