Nature IN-Deed Super Star

Mindy Murdock, the manager and inperative naturalist at Zion Nature Center has been hard at work in Zionsville, inspiring schools there to engage their students with our natural world.

Mindy Murdock teaches a lesson about caring for nature at Zion Nature Center. Photo from:

A Great Place for Nature Learning

Zion Nature Center is located in Zionsville on the grounds of Eagle Elementary School. The nature center is adjacent to Zion Nature Sanctuary - a prime spot for natural learning! Zion Nature Center is home to several exhibits and animals including turtles, snakes, and amphibians.  Soon, there will be a new tree stump exhibit and home for the eastern box turtles they have there. Through donations, they raised the needed funds for the new exhibit, signage, and more educational programming!  Click here to plan your visit.

And a Passionate Nature Teacher

Zion Nature Center is also where you'll find Mindy Murdock, the manager and interpretive naturalist for the center.  Mindy has been hard at work connecting with the classrooms in Zionsville.  She has visited each elementary school, and is leading environmental education programs and connecting kids to the Children of Indiana Nature Park.

Working with the science teachers and administrators, Mindy organized Deeding Days for the town's elementary schools.  Each of the five elementary schools in Zionsville received Nature IN-Deeds to give to every student. These Deeding Days resulted in more than 2,500 Boone County children learning more about nature, plus each child received their gift of nature (their very own spot in the park!).  

Nature IN-Deeds in the hands of Indiana children - that's exactly where they belong!  Thank you, Mindy for all of your hard work and dedication to helping the kids in Zionsville learn to love their land!

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