Partner Parks

Partner Parks

The Children of Indiana Nature Park is connecting children with our natural world. Located in Wayne County, the Park may be too far for some people to visit. This is why partner parks throughout the state are teaming up with us! We want kids to be able to see the land they “own” with their Nature IN-Deeds. These parks will allow kids a closer-to-home and personal nature connection.

Partner Parks are green spaces throughout Indiana with land dedicated to Indiana youth. Just as the Children of Indiana Nature Park has Nature IN-Deeds, so do our partner parks. In addition to deeded land, there are trails to explore and curriculum to connect knowledge and senses to the land.

St. Joseph County

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Why Join

Children are spending less time outdoors and less time enjoying free play. Children and families lead busy lives, with full schedules and little time for connecting to nature. Most kids spend more than the two-hour daily limit recommended by pediatricians viewing electronic screens. According to one study, kids spend more than 40 hours a week on their devices - more than a full-time job!

Why is this bad? Research is showing that the effects of being so “plugged in” include childhood obesity, nearsightedness, decreased family time, and lack of knowledge about the natural world around them. According to the Solutions Journal, young children can recognize over 1,000 corporate logos, but few can identify more than a handful of local plant or animal species.

Your local park, community center, school, library, or church may have greenspace that can provide a way to connect kids to nature. You can dedicate a space that kids can call their own and teach kids to care for their land to help children develop their sense of place and community. In addition, outdoor spaces serve as platforms for learning and exploration and can offer safe places to learn about our natural world.

How to become a Partner Park

Thanks for your interest in helping connect the youth in your community to our natural world.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Identify a leader within your organization who will be a champion for engaging kids and nature.
  • Identify a greenspace or a bit of nature that can be dedicated to young people in your community.
  • Determine the types of activities that kids will engage in to learn to care for their land.
  • Complete this form to notify us of your interest in establishing a children’s nature park at your location. We will review your information and contact you. Questions? Email us at

Nature Center Network

The Nature Center Network is comprised of nature centers throughout Indiana that can teach the NCN curriculum listed on this website.  They are excited to teach and host your group for lessons or adventures to learn about the natural world.

Partner Parks

Partner Parks are parks throughout Indiana that teach nature-based lessons or curriculum.  They also have land dedicated to children, where kids can claim a Nature IN-Deed to their very own place in the Partner Park. You can get a deed for land near you!