Pollinator Curriculum and Resources


Pollinator curriculum
In these lessons and activities, learn how native plants support our native butterflies and moths.  With this information, you’ll be inspired to plant native plants to support our native pollinators!

Plant-Caterpillar-Butterfly Relationships
This group of images illustrates the special relationships between a native plant or tree and a butterfly or moth species. Organized in groups of three, the images show which caterpillars eat which host plants for their growth before metamorphosis, and which butterfly or moth they become. The document can be used to make three-piece puzzles for extra fun! Find a link to an example monarch butterfly life cycle chart here or download it here.

If you make the above images into puzzle pieces...
For the back of each puzzle piece, there are descriptions of the butterfly/moth and their host plants. For page 1 click here and for page 2 click here.