Ball State University Social Studies Units

Students in Ball State University's Teachers College worked closely with Department of History Professor Dr. Ron Morris and The Children of Indiana Nature Park to design social studies units.  These lessons show the way nature and humans impact each other and promote exploring and caring for our natural world and directly incorporate the Children of Indiana Nature Park Nature IN-Deeds.

The units are built for kindergarteners, third graders, and sixth graders, and can also be used for grades in-between as well.

What Does it Mean to be a Property Owner? This unit asks kindergarteners to look at what it means to be a property owner. They will learn the difference between public and personal property and how to take care of it. The critical question posed to them will be, what happens if no one takes care of their property?

What Are the Boundaries of My Community? Designed for third grade students, this unit is about what boundaries are, and what kinds exist in nature and their community. Students will discover how our choices can impact nature and then come up with ideas and solutions to protect the boundaries of nature.

Making Nature Ours Again. This unit for sixth graders is built to facilitate discussion about the importance of nature and exploring the outdoors. Students will explore why our society is spending less time outdoors, test their knowledge of Indiana’s nature and wildlife, and discover some of the beautiful parks all around Indiana. Students will learn how they can help take care of the environment, create advertisements to promote spending time outdoors, and finally engage in a debate on the benefits of technology and the benefits of nature.