Summer Fun Activities


It's summertime! Get outside and connect with nature this season with these ideas for outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy!

Plant a garden! Now that the weather iswarm, the time is perfectto get your hands a little dirty and plant some native species! Plant vegetables or see what kind of pollinators you can attract with different flowers.Some beautiful native flowers are great for attracting butterflies, bees and even hummingbirds to your garden are cardinal flower, beebalm and purple cone flowers. Pollinators are vital to humans and nature so let’s help them out!

Watch the clouds. What shapes do you see? Do any of them look like your favorite animal? Create a story about the clouds and their shapes!This is all about imagination –so think outside the box and let your mind wander as you gaze at the sky. Do you see animals or plants or something else interesting? The sillier you can get, the more fun you’ll have!

Make a bird feeder. Have old toilet paper roles? Paste on peanut butter and top with bird seed and hang your new bird feeder outside near a window!Did you know chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and even some warblers love peanut butter? The birds you’ll see may be surprising and they will keep you entertained whileyou watch them feasting.Keep a journal of what birds you see and find if there are any patterns to who visits and when!

Build an outdoor fort.
Forts don’t have to be complicated. They can be made from some household items or sticks and branches you find outside. There are lots of ways to make forts so no matter what materials you are working with, you can make a fort of your own! After you’ve built your fort, grab a book or two to read! Check out this list of books that have inspired conservation leaders for ideas.

Engage your senses. What do you hear?Are there birds, insects or other animals making noises? What do you smell? Are flowers blooming, did it rain recently oris the wind carrying a certain smell? What can you touch?Is the dirt dry or moist? Is the grass soft? Are there twigs to pick up? Is the bark smooth or rough? There is a lot of explore!

Take pictures of nature. Go outside and observe your surroundings. Does anything stand out to you or catch your eye?Nature has no shortage of beautiful and interesting places and things to photograph! From the largestlandscape to the smallest plant or animal, explore an outdoor area and snap a shot of what you find. Even sidewalks or small porches can be full of nature. Whether you are exploring a big park or your own neighborhood, you’ll find something worthy of a photograph

Have a picnic. Spending time outside connects people and nature and a picnic is a great way to get out! Pack up a meal or snack using your reusable containers and water bottlers; then head to your yard, your local nature park or any nearby green space –small or large! Look around and see what other animals you see. What are they eating?

If you try any of these activities, take a picture and then share it with us on Facebook @ChildrenofIndianaNaturePark. Tell us how your family enjoyed the activities.