Congratulations, your deed is on its way to you now!

Check your downloads to find it.

student showing thumbs upNow that I have my deed, what’s next? 

Explore the Park.  Your Nature IN-Deed* has unique geographical coordinates to your specific spot of land in the Park. Start interacting with your land or visit the park in person.  

Keep your deed safe. Your deed is one-of-a-kind, issued just for you. Keep it in a safe and protected place where you can find it when needed. Or you can frame your deed and hang it up to show it off. If you protect your deed for a long time, you can even transfer it to a younger brother or sister, your child, or grandchild someday!

What Hoosiers are Doing to Show Pride in their Deeds.  Check out what others have done to keep their deeds safe. Send photos of how you keep your deed safe to!

*Nature IN-Deeds are not legal documents.