"The World from Down Here: Soil Up Close" Photo Contest Winners

A random drawing decided the winners of "The World from Down Here: Soil Up Close" photography contest. Read their story below!

The "World from Down Here: Soil Up Close" photo contest came to a close in September 2016. We had a lot of great entries.  After a random drawing, it was a group from Evansville who took home the prize of a new SLR camera. The photographs were taken by students in “Photographing the Wild,” a beginner photography class for kids.

“Most of the photos were taken at Wesselman Nature Society,” says Shanon Pruden who teaches the class, “but some students photographed their own backyards or other locations around town.”  That goes to show that even if you’re not at a park, nature is all around you.

Shanon owns Shanon Miranda Photography, a photography studio in Evansville, but holds the kids’ photography classes at Wessleman Nature Society.

“Some kids come to class wanting to learn more about photography and through it, they get to experience nature up close,” she says. Others come with an interest in nature and want to better interact with the natural world through the camera lens. No matter which initial interest brought the kids to the class, it’s a bridge between technology and nature that speaks to the youngsters.

She is continually amazed at the natural abilities these young people have. “I’m so proud of all of them!” Sharon says, “with today's camera technologies and the instinctive curiosity our students bring with them, we have seen some stunning images come out of our classes!”

The class, “Photographing the Wild” is for kids age 6-8 or 9 and up. There is also a monthly club for kids 10 years and older but students who have taken the beginners’ class are able to join the club no matter their age. Both the classes and the club are free.

Here are selected photos from the submissions of these young nature photographers:

Photo taken by: Ella, Vanderburgh County, Category: 8 – 12 yrs. old

Photo taken by: Isabella, Vanderburgh County, Category: 8-12 yrs. old

Photo taken by: John, Vanderburgh County, Category 8-12 yrs. old

Photo taken by: Jason, Vanderburgh County, Category: 7 yrs. old and younger

Photo taken by: Louise, Vanderburgh County, Category 8-12 yrs. old